What We Do

Kid’s Program

Our children’s after-school enrichment program focuses on developing leadership skills and expanding participants’ capacity to think critically and creatively. We help them build these skills through dynamic classes in programs such as Arts, Technology, English, Yoga, Chess, and much more.

Participants registered in average per year

Free English lessons per year

Technology classes for children in the past four years and hosted around 40 yoga sessions with our participants

Women’s Program

The Women’s Program focuses on providing education opportunities for +18 years old women from Huaycán, encouraging them to embrace their strengths and voice to become better leaders in their families and community. It is divided into two main projects, our business-focused lecture and training series, Mujeres Emprendedoras, and our Fair Trade brand, Huaywasi.

Women registered in past editions

Free educational workshops for women since 2016

Free classes on finances, computer science, adn self-esteem during the last 4 years.

Mujeres Emprendedoras

Mujeres Emprendedoras (Women Entrepreneurs) is an entrepreneurship program for low-income women who want to start or improve their own small businesses. Women learn hard skills, such as how to develop a business plan and track their own finances- as well as soft skills: strategies for self-confidence, developing a captivating business elevator pitch, and the importance of customer service skills. By the end of the course, the students draft a fully developed business plan and receive a certificate.- in the name of LLI and the municipality of Huaycán – acknowledging their hard work and business acumen.


Huaywasi: Handmade in Perú is a fair trade social enterprise project working directly with female artisans in Huaycán, Lima, Perú. Our goal is to provide safe working conditions, fair wages for work, and support to the Light and Leadership Initiative’s cause of free, high quality and accessible education for Huaycán families.

Huaywasi was born as an extension of our Women’s Program education cohort back in 2016. Its mission is to educate and partner with local female artisans in Huaycán to strive towards a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry. In addition to providing fair wages, Huaywasi works collaboratively with our artisan partners to make sure that they are involved in all aspects of the brand development and our decision-making processes.

Other Projects

Teens’ Program

LLI has offered a large number of workshops and classes to the Huaycán community.

One of its great programs in the past was the Teen’s Program. 

The Teen’s Program was born as an extension of the Kids Program and ran from 2015 to 2020, and its main goal was to provide a safe space in Huaycán for participants ages 13-17 to explore new concepts, acquire new skills, get to know individuals from all over the world, and gain experience and self-confidence as leaders of their community through education.

(*)In 2020 LLI made a difficult but necessary decision to pause the Teen’s Program and focus on the other mainstream two educational programs.

Free English lessons over the years